Long overdue... Progress report

Well, it's been too long. How did I let it get this long since my last post? Some of my friends have been asking me to do a new blog post and update them on the progress of our home. Well, we moved into our new home almost 3 months ago. No, we are not done with the remodel, it's crazy chaos in our home right now. But nevertheless, we have progressed. If you remember, my last post was of a complete empty canvas and sooooo much work needed to be done. Below are some pictures (beware, they're all from my Instagram, not my super nice Nikon) from our progress:

Danny, my beloved and adored love of my life, spray painting the newly scraped and textured ceilings which once used to be that yucky and dangerous asbestos popcorn texture:

The kids help me paint the baby's room. That green was throughout the house along with almond. Even the exterior color of the house is avocado green. The original appliances were also avocado green. And can I even tell you? The landscaping rocks outside have green in them! It's like we opened up the crayon box and all the crayons were a myriad of avocado green and almond!

The finished baby's room! Adorable! Love that color. But you know what color I like even better? Scroll down...

This aqua right here in my older daughter's room! Ahhhh.... good to my soul...
(Here's my brother-in-law "J" who has helped us a TON during this amazing and yet exhausting journey).

And there he is again! This time priming kitchen cabinet doors (yep, we forgot to take the tags off, but we did mend our ways).

Here's a peak at the new chandelier for the dining room. The finish is Polished Nickel. This is a photo from when it freshly arrived.

About two or three days before we moved in we finally were able to get a sub-contractor to do our flooring (which actually was not finished by the time we moved in but a good chunk of it was finished). In case you want to know where I got it from, it is called Exotica Walnut from Floor & Decor (www.flooranddecor.com).

Since we worked a lot on the remodel at night after Danny was done with work, some of these pictures were taken at night. Here's a photo of our office ceiling fan. Most of the rooms in the house have ceiling fans because we live in the desert.

Ceiling fan in the girls' rooms which will be converted to have what will look like a chandelier. That sure will be a Pinterest pin!

Our kitchen and dining room with our wood-look tile. The cabinets need soooo much work. But at least the flooring is gorgeous!

I posted this picture on my Facebook to get general opinions of what people liked. I used photos from my Pinterest board. I found out that most people liked the gray island in the kitchen rather than the all white kitchen. The gray island is what I wanted to do in the first place anyway but it was good to get some opinions.

One of TWO lanterns which will hang over the kitchen island. I LOVE these. The finish is Polished Nickel just like the dining room chandelier.

Our living room ceiling fan which was ka-ching $$$. Finish is polished nickel as well. I LOVE the silver gray blades and that it is close to the ceiling because our ceilings are just 8 ft.

Two choices of kitchen countertops I was debating. Both Cambria quartz. Most people chose B but I ended up choosing A because of the bling in it. It just looked so pretty and now that I have them I am very happy I chose A. :) These were the biggest KA-CHING $$$$ 

Shortly after we moved in and after coming home from church, the kids went to the backyard to play and I snapped a couple of pictures. THIS is the biggest reason why we chose this house, we just LOVE the backyard and how much space the kids have to play out there. It's not huge, it's not acres, BUT it is the most we've ever had and the most green too here in the desert. Makes our hearts super happy. 

Isn't she darling?!!

A look at the kitchen without the countertops, upper cabinets, backsplash, cabinet doors, hardware, sink, faucet, and bar stools. Heck the outlets above the counters weren't even covered (but they were not hot).

A look at our new Cambria Whitney quartz countertops when they arrived! It was soooo exciting because after a whole MONTH AND A HALF I finally could have countertops, but most importantly a SINK AND FAUCET!!! Hoorayyyyy!!!

The installation guys. Second lantern not up yet. ;)

The look when they were done! Beautiful!!

As far as what we've done since?

-The kids started school in a new-to-them school and they are liking it so far. That's a big relief to me.
-Unpacked some boxes but are still not completely moved in yet. Ugh.
-We've placed most of the furniture where it's supposed to be.
-Main living areas are almost all painted.
-Have done a little (very little) decorating around the house. It'll get there.
-We sanded about half of the stair steps getting it prepped for a major update.
-Dining room chandelier is installed.
-We ordered a new spray paint machine because the one we were using wasn't working that well for us.
-We have installed white wooden blinds throughout the house.
-We fixed our AC and our evaporative cooler (we have both), there were minor issues with both of them.
-We emptied our garage (pretty much) and now I can park my van in there. Yayyy! We can also paint cabinets in there as well.
-We broke the toilet in the master bathroom but we do have two other bathrooms with working toilets so that's good.
-We ran out of money so we are saving at this point so that we can continue to work on the house.
-We sold our old kitchen cabinets for $120 hahaha, which is better than nothing, right?

I'm sure we've done more things than this but at this point I cannot remember everything. But I will come back and give you more updates as I go along. It just got crazy there for a while. Well, it's still super crazy around here but I will post more pics soon! Thanks for reading and following our blog!

Progress Report On Our New House!

Soooo have you been wondering where we are in the process? Well here you go! Unfortunately, this is rather going very slowly BUT on the upswing of things, our old house sold! Yayyy! What a relief that is to me, takes a huge load off. Anyway, here you go! Hopefully you can get an idea of what it might look like eventually. :)

This is what you see as you come in and past the entry way:

The kitchen with our large window! Our cabinets have arrived which we have to assemble still but this is sooo exciting! :)

This is the view from the kitchen:

The view from the dining room. You can kinda see the entry way and you can see the pantry and desk area:

The main floor hallway:

The master bedroom (kinda awkward shape, I know, but I have plans!):

The nursery for my baby girl showing the new closet.

The stairs. These babies are eventually going to be replaced but for move in, we'll just have to revamp them instead. That's a pain because the stairs are such a vital part of traffic. Also, right now the railing that goes to it is metal (which I don't like) but eventually will replace it with wood railing. That will make my heart happy. :)

We have 30 items on our to do list for this house in order to get it ready for move in. Sigh. But hopefully we'll get there. :) Some of the next steps are tape, mud, and texture the walls, install kitchen cabinets, tile or hard wood, carpet, baseboards, and paint (not in that order LOL).

Little snippet: The main floor alone of this house is bigger than our current house. I didn't even know that. So great! Glad and excited to have more room for my 5 crazy kiddos.

Our home is being featured!

How do you like my blog remodel? ;) I just had to do it because I was having some important visitors today! Why, you of course! Want to know why? Check it out...

I'm so super excited to tell you that our home is going to be featured on the Shelstring Blog! Michele (we call her Shelly) is the author and owner of that blog and also my sister-in-law. She liked my photos of my home that I have posted and invited me to be featured on her blog for her Summer Home Tour Series. I feel so honored!  Here's a couple of photos that I love from our home. To see the entire tour, visit Shelstring Blog! :)

Thank you Michele for hosting our home tour and thank you readers for checking it out! <3 Have a great day!

Our New Kitchen Plan

Time is going by so fast! We are far from getting this house done, it seems. It is time for us to order our cabinets for our kitchen. We contemplated going with Aristokraft or Ikea because we have a really tight budget but in the end decided to go with Barker Cabinets. Though it is going to take a while for us to receive our cabinets, we are very excited about them because the quality of the cabinets will be great. Barker Cabinets offers RTA (Ready To Assemble) cabinets, and by assembling them ourselves we will save a chunk of money, especially for real wood cabinets. Eek! So excited to get my order in!

I just need to finalize my kitchen plan. Will you help me decide? 

My dilemma is choosing between a wood hood or a stainless steel hood. We even considered having a microwave over the range but I wasn't excited about that option for several reasons. So we just took it off our list because it wasn't going to work for us.

First, I want to show you the inspiration kitchens for our design. Our kitchen will by no means be ANYTHING like these kitchens but they definitely are influencing the design. 

Wood Canopy Range Hood Inspiration:

Wood Hood in Kitchen Inspiration from Medley of Golden Days Blog
Stainless Steel Under-Cabinet Hood Inspiration: 

So taking into consideration that these are just inspiration and that my kitchen will NOT look like either of these kitchens (only will be influenced by them - cause I can't afford such kitchens), I hereby present to you our kitchen plan! Scroll down to see the look with a wood canopy range hood and the look with a stainless steel under-cabinet hood and let us know your favorite! :)

The Kitchen Floor Plan:

Kitchen Floor Plan from Medley of Golden Days Blog

A Look at the Cabinet Layout with a Wood Canopy Range Hood:

Kitchen Floor Plan from Medley of Golden Days Blog

A Look at the Cabinet Layout with a Stainless Steel Under-Cabinet Range Hood:

Kitchen Floor Plan from Medley of Golden Days Blog

A Look at the window/sink wall of the Cabinet Layout (I don't know why this is showing the white so dark but oh well!):

Kitchen Floor Plan from Medley of Golden Days Blog

And finally here's a look at the kitchen island plan. Looking at the front side you will see (from left to right) an under-counter microwave, a trash bins cabinet, and a drawers cabinet:

Kitchen Floor Plan from Medley of Golden Days Blog

So there you have it! Which look do you like best? Stainless Steel hood under the cabinet or a Wood Canopy Range Hood? Help a sister out and let me know in your comments. Thanks! 

A super pretty, great, and cheap compromise

Well I think I found it! I did a little more searching on the web and came across some pieces that I think are beautiful, are inexpensive, AND, the whole thing comes in at less than what option 3 was. I think that's major improvement. Plus, you can tell that they are different pieces, meaning not a set, and yet they all look great together!

If you would like to be reminded of the options I posted before, click here.

Here is what I believe I have chosen, finally. (I really, really, really, really don't want to change my mind or go through this process again, so I won't even look at any more lighting options). And I don't even feel like I am compromising with these choices. Yay for that! Check it out!

Medley of Golden Days - Lighting Options

What do you think? Did I do a good job? I found those pendants for over the kitchen island as well as the entry way light at the amazing prize of $100 each, which is a hefty difference to some of my previous choices. I think these new choices are beautiful! The only thing is that I AM splurging on the chandelier because I LOOOOOOOVE it and I just kept going back to it. 

So there you have it! What do you think?

Lighting is a problem

Here's a piece of advice. When you are searching for a light fixture, STOP at the one that you love because if you keep looking to "see what else is out there" in case you "love it more" than the one you found, you're going to end up loving a lot of things and coming to an indecisive holt. That is my case right now. I have looked at soooooo many interior light fixtures, like hundreds, that now I cannot decide on the ones that I love the most. Most of them are out of my budget, meaning, we can't afford them. That's cause my husband made up the budget and he didn't price out any nice light fixtures to make it realistic, so now I look like I'm just trying to blow the budget and am the bad guy. :/ Sigh. At least that's how I'm feeling. Anyway, here's the different price point selections I have made according to my taste from "LOVE it and I want it" to "Yeah, I guess that'll do."

Medley of Golden Days Lighting Options
How much do I like it? I LOVE it and I want it!

Medley of Golden Days Lighting Options
How much do I like it? I LOVE it and I want it!

Medley of Golden Days Lighting Options
How much do I like it? "I kinda like it."

Medley of Golden Days Lighting Options
How much do I like it? "Yeah, I guess that'll do."

Which one do you like or think would be best to have?

A { dream } of what it might be...

We have been working away on demo (still) for the new house so we can get started on doing the pretty things we want to do, like put in a whole new kitchen.

I have been really busy thinking, and planning, and dreaming of pretty things for the house. That's fun. But then throw in all else that I am doing, and you will know that my life is totally crazy.

Anyway, tonight I had the chance to play with photoshop a bit and play with how I want the exterior of the new house to look potentially. Right now I'm not a big fan of the exterior, but in my eyes, I can totally see it's potential. This house can be really pretty.

Here's what I have done and you be the judge but please DO tell me which one is your favorite! Though this project won't be tackled for a LONG time, we still want to know which way we're headed. Thanks!

Here's the original picture of it from the realtor's listing:

And here are the options I have thought of so far.

Option 1 (keeping the original brick and build additions. No gabled entry.):

Option 2 (painting the original brick and build additions. No gabled entry.):

Option 3 (Keep original brick and build additions. Add gabled entry.):

Option 4: (painting the original brick and build additions. Add gabled entry.):

Am I right or am I right that these make the exterior look 100% better? I can't decide between options 3 and 4 which I think are my favorite. And the hubby doesn't want any sort of gable on the garage but I think the little gable on the garage makes a statement while at the same time not putting the focus on itself, just compliments the other half of the exterior.

Which one do you like best?