Progress Report On Our New House!

Soooo have you been wondering where we are in the process? Well here you go! Unfortunately, this is rather going very slowly BUT on the upswing of things, our old house sold! Yayyy! What a relief that is to me, takes a huge load off. Anyway, here you go! Hopefully you can get an idea of what it might look like eventually. :)

This is what you see as you come in and past the entry way:

The kitchen with our large window! Our cabinets have arrived which we have to assemble still but this is sooo exciting! :)

This is the view from the kitchen:

The view from the dining room. You can kinda see the entry way and you can see the pantry and desk area:

The main floor hallway:

The master bedroom (kinda awkward shape, I know, but I have plans!):

The nursery for my baby girl showing the new closet.

The stairs. These babies are eventually going to be replaced but for move in, we'll just have to revamp them instead. That's a pain because the stairs are such a vital part of traffic. Also, right now the railing that goes to it is metal (which I don't like) but eventually will replace it with wood railing. That will make my heart happy. :)

We have 30 items on our to do list for this house in order to get it ready for move in. Sigh. But hopefully we'll get there. :) Some of the next steps are tape, mud, and texture the walls, install kitchen cabinets, tile or hard wood, carpet, baseboards, and paint (not in that order LOL).

Little snippet: The main floor alone of this house is bigger than our current house. I didn't even know that. So great! Glad and excited to have more room for my 5 crazy kiddos.

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  1. WOW! It's sure coming along. I love when the drywall is in because you can finally visualize how the rooms will be. How exciting that you go the cabinets!!!